Spam Musubi

This post is officially going to be my first of a series of entries and so I thought what better way to start off than with food?

Today, my sister, Lisa, decided to make a Hawaiian specialty called Spam Musubi. It is basically Spam and rice wrapped in seaweed. Who would have thought it would be so good? Whoever invented this is a genius! If I had known about it sooner, I would have brought it to school every lunch time.

My youngest sister, Bela, ate about three of these, while my other sister, Trina, finished four – all in one sitting! (Note that the musubi in this picture is only half of its original serving size.) Lisa promised that she would make more musubis tomorrow and I cannot wait. My mouth waters from the mere thought of it.

If  any of you guys want to try to make your own, click here. It is super easy to make! My sisters and I are big fans of Spam and sushi, and there is nothing better than combining your favorites into one amazing dish.

– P


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