Just Another Day

Today, I spent my morning playing tennis (as usual). I played for two good hours under the clouds and was picked up by my sister, Lisa. She surprised me with a take out from Starbucks with my favorite drink, classic black iced tea, and pastry, banofee pie.

Later in the day, we went home and got in touch with a dog trainer for our golden retriever, Champ. He is one year old now, and he is really hard to handle when it comes to walking him around. So, my sisters and I decided that it was time for us to get a real dog trainer (since the first one didn’t turn out well).

The new dog trainer looked promising as I watched him handle Champ earlier. He half-jokingly said that he could even teach him how to swim and retrieve objects that are underwater if we wanted to. He would train our dog every day except for weekends until he learns. I am really excited! My sisters are all surfing the net for doggie beds now. I have always wanted to let our dogs inside the house, but never got to for the fear of them breaking something. Hopefully that’s going to change after Champ finishes his sessions.

Lisa and I then went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I finished my day with a hot double chocolate, a turtle pie, and a few pages of Narnia.

– P


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