Getting Nervous

Growing up, we encounter embarrassing moments in our lives. And since most of my life was spent in school, it is there where most of my embarrassing moments happened.

I recall the time when I was in second year high school and it was time to perform a monologue. I was supposed to be Donya Victorina from Noli Me Tangere, and boy was I not prepared. I still remember that I wasn’t given enough preparation time to memorize my script. My teacher said that my performance was supposed to be in two days, how was I supposed to memorize a script that was so long?

Naturally, I was nervous. And when I’m nervous, something always goes wrong. I went up the platform and faced my class. The first thing I said was: “I am Maria Clara.”

And that’s not the end of it. Earlier this year, we had another oral production where I was supposed to tell a story. My characters’ names were Jim and Jam, and in the middle of my performance I started freaking out because I was so nervous. I accidentally said (in my storytelling voice), “Jam is getting nervous.” Crazy, right?

Today, on the other hand, we had graduation dress rehearsals, and I was so nervous of going up the stage in my heels. I even told Danni, “The worst thing that could happen is if your shoe falls off,” and guess what? That is exactly what happened. It’s a good thing it’s just graduation practice. Tomorrow we will have another one, and I am determined to walk it right this time.

Now how do you get rid of those nerves? It would be a lot easier for me to get rid of them if I were on a tennis court, but since I’m not, it’s a whole different story. I can’t jump around the stage or sing a song or do whatever it is I do on a tennis court. I know one tip though and it has worked in and out of the courts. Dress good (or put insoles in your pair of shoes next time).

It’s the best solution. You’ll feel confident and powerful. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. What you wear can change how you feel about yourself. Sometimes I win my games because I like what I’m wearing. Haha! It gives you confidence, and it gives you swag. It’s just up to you to work it.

– P


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