My HS Graduation

I finally graduated from high school, and it seemed like only yesterday when I was a freshman student. It’s the end and the beginning of an era (so they said), and though most may feel quite sentimental about it, you also can’t ignore the feeling of relief. Finally, right? I can finally make up for those sleepless nights when I worked on 4-5 projects that were all due in the same week. Whoever said that senior year was the ‘easiest’ year is a total liar. The workload is always heavy, and I couldn’t have survived senior year without my moleskine planner.

We had three days of graduation practice, and although we still made a few mistakes in the grad practice (a couple on my part), everything went smoothly on the day of our graduation.

Here are some pictures:

Left to right are Bela, Trina, yours truly, and Lisa.

For dinner, we went to Phoenix Court of Bellevue Hotel. My family and I had a delicious supper. The staff surprised me with a cake, which spelled out ‘Congrats!’ in icing. I found it really sweet (figuratively and literally).

Grad Ball was held the day after my graduation and although the theme was Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, I decided to become a rebel and wear something completely unrelated to the theme. I wore a black cocktail dress with a red belt. Surprisingly, a lot of my friends wore black too.

Here’s a picture of me with my friends.

Left to right are Mia, Shanelle, Camille, yours truly, Janet, Sunny, and Jared.

We danced the night away and had a great time! It was an awesome way to finish the school year, and now I can finally say that I’m an alumna of DLSZ.

– P


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