Penn State Class of 2016

I finally accepted my offer to Pennsylvania State University. I am majoring in BS Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts, but I am still pretty undecided with my major. I am entering Penn State this coming fall.

I am really excited and scared for college. It’s going to be an entirely new experience for me — living in the United States. My sister’s experience in Cornell University taught her to become a more confident and independent person, and I wish to be the same.

Living in the Philippines is really different. Most of the time, I feel sheltered. Sheltered in a sense that things are often done for me that I never get the chance to do things for myself. Because of our tight-knit family culture, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles tend to become overprotective of their little ones. Forgetting that restricting them and spoon feeding them would only make them needy and clingy in the future. Sometimes, our families need to learn how to let go because there are going to be things we need to learn by ourselves. What I want to learn now is how to survive on my own and with my own rules. Learning that, would prepare me in life during and after college.

What I want to gain from college is not just knowledge, I want to gain the experience that would turn me into a more independent person. I have a feeling that if I studied in the Philippines, I would gain the knowledge I would need, but not the experience. This new environment would force me out of my box and challenge me, but I am willing to face this challenge head on.

Now, Penn State requires all first years to live on campus, and since there are no single room dormitories, I am in search of a roommate/s. I’m not sure if it would be better if I let fate decide my roommate or if I should look around on facebook. I just hope we’d get along pretty well in the future. I need someone to be excited with to watch those football games (as I have never seen one in my life). 

This is going to be one exciting year, and I can finally say:

– P


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