Why Do Boxers Get Paid More Than Teachers?

My social studies teacher asked my class this question a couple of months ago, and as I was going through my notes, I was reminded of it. This was a question that made my classmates and I think.

Why do boxers earn more money for inflicting other people pain than teachers who mold the lives of countless students? Think about it. Each and every one of us owe a great part of our lives to our teachers. We won’t be living as we are now if it weren’t for them, and yet our society gives more attention to boxers than we do to our teachers. Boxers get paid millions and millions of dollars while our teachers receive humble salaries. Teachers inspire others and make great leaders of the future, while boxers fight just to put on a good show while they risk their lives for the sake of entertainment.

Don’t you find it quite unfair?

We are living in a society where we value entertainment more than education. Because let’s face it, the number one goal of mankind is comfort. And since entertainment relieves us from stress and whatnot, it feeds our comfort addiction. If you were to ask someone to choose between studying and watching the television, the most probable answer would be watching the television. Because if we were being honest, we’d say that studying is boring and a lot of work compared to watching the television, which takes little of our brain cells to comprehend. Although this may be true, it isn’t exactly the best way to go through life.

Statistics say that most people have a ratio of well over a hundred to one in the dollars spent on entertainment versus the dollars they spend in education. Most have an even higher ratio when it comes to time spent on entertainment versus time spent on education.

Our addiction to comfort blinds us to the things that really matter. Some students come to a point where they completely neglect their schoolwork to play games on the internet instead. This shows that too much and too little of one thing is always bad. We need to balance our time and money when it comes to entertainment and education.

Did you know that in the United States of America the average person’s net worth is less than $65,ooo at the age of 65? And after a lifetime of work! We are turning into a more entertainment driven society that real lifelong learning has become extinct. Most of our money are spent on entertainment purposes and this demand raises the boxers’ salaries while teachers continue to receive their so-so salaries.

Fulfillment, prosperity, and financial success does not come from watching boxers knock each other out. Balance out your life by saving your time and money and investing them in things that really matter. The least we could do to compensate for our teachers’ salaries are to appreciate our teachers’ works and efforts and to continue reading, learning, and exploring the world.

– P


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