Looking Back on Easter

Last Sunday, I started my Easter morning by waking up early for a jog around Alabang Country Club with my family. For the first time ever, we brought our dog, Champ, with us. We had a good time jogging around the dewy grass, but, unfortunately, it was cut short because it looked as if our dog couldn’t handle it. He was sweating and drooling really bad. So, my sisters and I decided to play Ultimate Frisbee instead while our dog chilled by the shade.

Once we finished, we prepared for the morning mass (which was also held in Alabang Country Club or ACC, as we like to call it). We had the renewal of baptismal vows and a nice homily from a very expressive priest. My family made sure we wore nice Easter clothes, so I wore my cute pink polka dotted dress, which I bought from Zara for this sole purpose.

Once we got home, I decided to make another art work. I’ve been wanting to draw Aslan for the longest time, and I finally got to do it.

To color my work, I used…

And this is how it looked like.

This is the first time I got something nice out of pastel-like crayons.
Happy Easter everyone!

– P


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