The City

New York City — the city that never sleeps. My sister, Lisa, and I arrived in JFK airport yesterday at around noon. We made it after being airborne for eighteen hours.

Lisa and I made our first stop in her apartment. When we got there, I finally got to meet my sister’s boyfriend, Jed, who was waiting for us outside. He is very friendly, funny, easy to get along with, and full of swag (Lisa, I approve). Anyway, the last time I was in Lisa’s apartment was when we were looking for a place for her and it was unfurnished. Now it’s looking pretty good. All modern and sleek with its minimalist interior design. We didn’t stay too long though. We felt that if we stayed longer, we would feel even more tired, so Lisa, Jed, and I all went out for lunch.

We ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant called Ippudo. They serve great ramen. I had the Akamaru Modern, and, man, it was delicious.

Next, we walked to Georgetown Cupcakes. We ordered 6 cupcakes and devoured them as we watched New Girl episodes in Lisa’s apartment.

What a way to end the day!

– P


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