The City: Day 4

Lisa and I decided to go to New York Public Library. The architectural design was truly a stunner. It was elegant and magnificent from the facade of the building to the back. Lisa and I brought the books we bought from Strand and spent a good hour reading in the Rose Main Reading Room.

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For lunch, Lisa and I went to Hale and Hearty where we both ordered tomato cheddar soup and a cold turkey and brie sandwich. They serve really good soup! And what made the soup taste even better is that it was colder than usual. We ate our lunch in Bryant park, which is located right beside New York Public Library, and right across Hale and Hearty’s restaurant. It is a very nice park. The trees are green and so beautiful that the mere sight of it can be very refreshing. Green tables and chairs were everywhere for anyone to use. And there is even a ‘reading room’ where you can borrow books for reading in the park!

Here are some of our pictures.

Now I understand why Lisa loves New York. Like her, I’m starting to fall in love with the city as well.

– P


4 thoughts on “The City: Day 4

  1. You again. Once more I must say nice photos. Thanks again for the tips on the Philippines. How much longer do you have in NYC? You should consider a blog about Chinatown food. I used to go to a hole in the wall called Wonton Garden, the food was bloody amazing. Have a good rest of your trip. Cheers

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