A Day in DC

We had a choice to make three days ago. We had to choose between going to James Franco’s book signing event in Strand Book Store or going to Georgetown in Washington DC. We chose DC (even though I would have loved to see James Franco).

We left early in the morning and traveled in a bus for four hours before we arrived in DC. Our first stop was the M street, it is one of the best places in the neighborhood. There are loads of good shops and people dressed in preppy pastel-colored clothes. We went around window shopping and took turns taking pictures of each other.

Last tuesday, we went to Georgetown Cupcakes in NYC, then recently in DC, we passed by Georgetown Cupcakes and got the original thing! Lisa ordered the Cherry Blossom while I got the Coconut cupcake. It was sweet (literally and figuratively)! We had to line up outside because there were so many people. I even got the chance to see the Head Chef. I wanted to ask him if I could take a picture with him, but I forgot his name. Guh. It was very annoying. I always see him in DC Cupcake episodes! I tried so hard to search for his name on the net, but it wasn’t coming out, so we decided to just leave it.


After the cupcakes, we decided to see the campus of Georgetown University, Jed’s alma mater. It is a very beautiful campus, which kind of reminded me of Hogwarts a little. Prospective students were being welcomed, tours were being given, and clubs were advertising everywhere. I regret not applying to Georgetown. The place is pretty neat. Jed toured us around and told us stories about the place. In fact, he used to be one of those students who toured prospective students around. In the end, we left the school with me carrying a new Georgetown t-shirt.

Next, we went to the Newseum. It’s a museum for news, if you did not catch that. It is about journalism, photojournalism, broadcasting, and, well, anything related to news. It’s so unfortunate that we only had an hour and a half to go around before it closed. We were able to see the 4-D movie, Berlin Wall, Unabomber’s Cabin, Sports Photography of Neil Leifer, and of course the newseum’s store. The place is amazing! I just wish we had more time to go around it.

Credits to radarredux.com

Oh and you cannot leave DC without visiting the White House!

It’s as white as ever.
After our one day adventure, we headed back to NYC as if it were all just a dream.

– P


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