NYC Friends

A few days ago, Lisa and Jed introduced me to their group of friends who reside in New York. We went to this place called Harry’s for brunch along Stone Street.

I met the entire crew! They’re all twenty somethings, and even though I thought I’d feel left out, I didn’t. They gave me a glass of champagne and welcomed me with open arms. They are such a fun bunch!

After brunch, they had this random idea to go play mini golf, and that’s exactly what we did next.

We were supposed to play teams, but we ended up not counting in the end. I never thought golf could be this fun! I loved hanging out with them!

After our mini golf, we met up later that night in Bourbon Street Bar & Grille. They sneaked me in, and I was able to meet a few more of their friends. They were all very nice!

I can’t wait to see them again!

– P


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