The City: Day 10

Two days ago, Lisa and I decided to visit the American Museum of Natural History. This museum is located at the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is one of the world’s preeminent scientific and cultural institutions. The museum is known to be one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world with its various exhibits and scientific collections, which explores the origin and evolution of the earth, animals, and humans.

Here is a picture of me by the museum.

They have a really great collection. They have over 32 million specimens, of which only a small fraction is being displayed at any given time. One particular collection that caught my interest was the dinosaur collection, which was dedicated to one entire floor! They showcased so many bones and fossils, it’s incredible. And that room where the T-Rex was displayed in — you’d be at awe. I can’t imagine the hours they’ve placed in putting dinosaur bones together.

I can’t imagine any museum that could beat the museum of natural history. They practically had everything! The animals and the people looked so real, and the mirrors were all so crystal clear, you’d think you could put your hand through them! Lisa and I were able to watch a short film about the Big Bang in one of the theaters. We had to crowd around this huge oval screen, and watch the history of the universe come into place. It was amazing.

After our trip to the museum, we went to Shake Shack for a snack and brought it to Central Park. We ate our Shack Burgers, Honey Roasted Peanut and Vanilla Custard, and Cheese Fries while we watched people row back and forth across the lake. It was  cold and cloudy, but, nevertheless, it was a beautiful day.


Can you imagine finishing a burger while looking at a view like this? This picture doesn’t even do justice to the real thing. The view really looks so much better when you’re there. It was an incredible sight, and Lisa and I didn’t want to leave.

But, with our bellies satisfied, we (eventually) left and walked around to burn off some calories. We came across this book store called, Westsider Rare & Used Books. We went in to browse around, and while I was going about, I saw a woman come in carrying a plastic bag full of books. She wanted to give them away since she saw no use for it anymore, and asked nothing in return.

Her small act of kindness was a little thing, but, nonetheless, it made me smile.


I ended up buying an old book called The Story of Caesar by M. Clarke. The book was published in 1898. Looking forward to adding this to my collection.

Anyway, Lisa and I decided to go Museum hopping this week. So stay tuned for the next post!

– P


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