The City: Day 11 and 12

Lisa and I started our day by grabbing lunch near our next museum, the Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA. We bought our food from a roadside food stall called The Halal Guys. Have you heard of them? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t as I didn’t know about them either. Apparently, their food is one of the things real New Yorkers know and love. A lot of people refer to their stall as “Chicken and Rice,” which is their best-selling dish. Lisa told me that there are a lot of chicken and rice stalls in the city, but The Halal Guys are the real deal. Their chicken and rice sure lived up to the hype of its deliciousness. Plus, the serving size was generous, the mystery white and spicy sauces were amazing, and the dish was super affordable at $7 per plate! Their stand is located right in front of the CBS building on 53rd and 6th, in case you’re interested.

After our lunch, we went to MoMA where we went through six floors of paintings, videos, drawings, sketches, writings, photos, sculptures, and other forms of contemporary art. Lisa and I were able to see some of the greatest works such as Salvador Dali’s ‘Persistence of Memory’. The museum has a great collection that goes from way back in time until the present.

Here are some pictures.

But there was one particular room that caught my interest. This room was covered in small silver things that were scattered all over the floor. Lisa read the art description on the wall and told me that it was about ‘depletion and regeneration’. The silver things were actually candies, and the artist invited us to get some candy off the floor.

The candy was actually pretty good! The artist behind it is Gonzales-Torres, and his work was named ‘Untitled’. His work was made after his partner died from AIDS-related complications in 1991.

For our next day, we visited the Whitney Museum. They have an interesting art collection, which was pretty different compared to MoMA. The Whitney Museum focused on living American artists, thus giving more emphasize on the different styles and topics of the present times.

The art has a completely different style to the one I have seen in MoMA yesterday. Art is not something you could just see nowadays, but something you could feel and actually experience.

Lisa and I watched a clip about this Mexican man who is a transgender, who received verbal and physical abuse from his father. He found solace and freedom in a club called Silver Platter, where he felt loved and united with people who were just like him. The room we watched in was created to the setting of the Silver Platter. We sat in bar stools as we watched two videos that were on adjacent walls of each other. They were great videos that really complemented each other. One video aimed to make the viewer actually experience the setting with its progression from day to night, while the other video aimed to tell the story of the man. Lisa and I ended up watching the entire thing.

Stay tuned for the next museum!

– P


4 thoughts on “The City: Day 11 and 12

  1. How lucky to be in NY – I travelled half way round the world to see MoMa and hope I get to do it again, it was so hard to leave. I love NY and the museums. Cheers

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