The City: Day 13

Two days ago, Lisa and I went to the Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim Museum is one of the most significant architectural icons of the 20th century. It is a cultural center, an educational institution, and the heart of an international network of museums. The museum is an inverted ziggurat with interconnected rooms. Going about the museum would mean going up and around a ramp (while looking at artworks) until the very top. The open rotunda allowed viewers to see the different works of different levels simultaneously.

Here are some pictures.

We saw a lot of artworks. I’ve seen some of Piccaso’s, Van Gogh’s, Monet’s, and more! But the artworks were mainly focused on the works of featured artists of February 24 to May 13, 2012, which are John Chamberlain and Francesca Woodman.

John Chamberlain created sculptures with car metal parts and sofa cushion foams as his mediums. His work is really interesting, it is definitely different to the kind of art I am used to. To me Chamberlain’s artwork looked nothing more than car parts scrunched up together in a random way. I guess I have yet to develop the artistic eye to appreciate his artworks more.

Here is a picture of one of his sculptures.

While Chamberlain’s focus was mainly on sculptures, Francesca Woodman, on the other hand, was focused on pictures. Her subject was almost always herself as she explored the human body in space and of the genre of self-portraiture.

Her works were a bit too dark for me with her strange choice of subjects. It creeped me out a little when I found out that she committed suicide when she was only 22 years old. Her black and white pictures didn’t make it any better as it creeped me out even further.

Here is a picture of her work (and herself).

Francesca Woodman, Polka Dots, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976. Gelatin silverprint, 13.3 x 13.3 cm. © George and Betty Woodman, courtesy George and Betty Woodman
Taken from

After our visit to the museum, we went to Little Brown. Little Brown is a cafe found on Lexington Ave in between 85th and 86th street. It is a cute little cafe, which serves very good pastries and very good drinks. Seriously. I tasted the best hot chocolate ever in this place. I ordered the nutella cream while Lisa ordered the chai tea latte, and we both agreed that Little Brown totally beats Starbucks.

Here we are, enjoying our drinks.


It was the best way to end a cold windy day!

– P


2 thoughts on “The City: Day 13

  1. Wasn’t Guggenheim featured in the movie When in Rome? Wow patsy! You’re like a jet setter now hahahaha loving your blog even more 🙂

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