The City: Day 17

My sister, Lisa, and I spent Day 17 strolling around Manhattan’s West Village. Because of the good weather, Lisa and I felt like walking aimlessly for a while and we ended up East side in Washington Square Park. Oops! It was such a beautiful day out that we didn’t care that we walked to the opposite direction. Lisa even got to snap a cool photo of the park (as seen below).

After the park we (finally) headed towards West Village where we walked past beautiful old brick buildings, designer stores, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and book shops. Someday, I would want to live there. We then stopped by the Three Lives & Company book store while we were still in the area. TL&C is a small independent book shop found in the corner of West 10th Street and Waverly Place. The shop’s ambience just makes you want to fall in love with books! The shop has an old, but very cozy feel to it as it is housed in an aging brick building and is furnished with wooden planks from its floors to its ceiling. And although TL&C is small, its collection of books is unique and wide-ranging, making it a must-see for any bookworm.

Next, we went to the Magnolia Bakery and ordered their famous Banana Pudding. It was so good that I tried to nudge Lisa on getting the large pint of pudding! Lisa ended up ordering the 12oz cup despite my demands and we both managed to go through half of it in a nearby park. It was creamy, delicious, and very filling. I’m glad that there was still enough pudding for us to enjoy the next day.

Lisa and I then spent our remaining hours in a nearby Starbucks where we read books — “The Story of Caesar” by M. Clarke for me and “From The Memoirs Of A Non-enemy Combatant” by Alex Gilvarry for her.

Soon after, we headed East to Trader Joe’s in Union Square to do a little bit of grocery shopping. Trader Joe’s is a grocery store here in New York where they sell high quality products, organic foods, and artisanal breads for reasonable everyday prices. (Who wouldn’t want that?) They sell the best cereals, frozen viands, trail mixes, and bread ever! I still have to try their other products, but as a newbie to TJ’s, they sure made me one happy customer.

As we left Trader Joe’s to grab dinner, Lisa and I found a huge crowd walking on the streets carrying signs and shouting out chants. Finally, a firsthand account of the protesters from Occupy Wall Street! Lisa and I had to walk across the protest because our restaurant was waiting for us at the other side of the road. As we walked through the sea of activists and policemen, Lisa took photos and here are a few:

OWS wasn’t as rowdy as I expected them to be, but I heard that a few policemen were getting thrown with soda cans. That was probably the worst of it.

After passing through the angry OWS protesters, we ironically met up with Jed, who works in Wall Street, at Artichoke Pizza. It was here where I was introduced to one of the biggest and best mouthwatering NYC pizza slices ever. The artichoke pizza was cheesy, gooey, buttery, and I guess, artichoke-y. I loved it!

After dinner, we headed back home to rest and continued reading our books. I wonder where our feet will take us in the next few days ahead.

– P


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