The City: Day 20

Lisa, Jed, and I decided to spend friday evening in the cinemas. We watched ‘The Avengers’ in Union Square. We lined up forty-five minutes before showtime, and boy, were there a lot of people. The line was extremely long since the seating was first come, first serve. We ended up choosing a 3D movie because all the other 2D screenings were sold out.

Here’s a picture of me with my 3D glasses taken while we were lining up.

Anyway, we sat near the screen and enjoyed every second of it. It was action-packed and totally hilarious (Thanks especially to Robert Downey Jr.). And what made the movie even better, was when I realized that all the action was actually happening right outside the movie theater. The Avengers was set in New York, and I couldn’t help but recognize some of the buildings I’ve passed i.e. Chrysler Building and the Grand Central Station. Now, I won’t go on and spoil any more than that. But the wait and the 20 bucks was definitely worth it. Two thumbs up!

After the show, we went to this ‘speakeasy style’ bar called, Angel’s Share. It’s a bar discreetly located inside this Japanese Restaurant. We had an amazing view of Union Square while we enjoyed our cocktails.We ordered their special cocktails — the Serenity for me and the Spring Swing for Lisa. Mine tasted like juice, but it was really good. Jed’s drink was called II BS and some of it was partly consisted of condensed milk and raw egg. Jed and I didn’t like the drink, but Lisa loved it so they ended up switching drinks.

After we finished our drinks, we went to Boka, a Korean restaurant known for its great Bon Chon Fried Chicken. It was so good. I can’t remember how many wings and drumsticks I’ve eaten. I felt so satisfied when we left. It definitely beats the Bon Chon franchise that just opened in Manila.

I love ending the day with a happy tummy.

– P


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