The City: Day 21

For Day 21, Lisa, Jed and I decided to go to the Brooklyn Flea Market. It was my first time to be in Brooklyn, and I really enjoyed walking by the timeless red brick buildings that ran down the road. We couldn’t help but take a picture!

Near the market, there was this cute little grocery store (that I had to have a picture of).

Anyway, we walked to the Brooklyn Flea Market where there are hundreds of concessionaires selling antiques, furnitures, books, food, records, paintings, jewelry, and collectibles. There are a lot of budding artists selling beautiful crafts and paintings, but they do get a little pricey. Although, when it comes to the vintage merchandises, they come off reasonable.

Here are some pictures.

After our trip to the market, we headed to Lower East Side to get some lunch at Katz’s Deli where they serve the best Pastrami since 1888. Their sandwiches were really simple, but very good. In a Pastrami Sandwich they would put pastrami, mustard, and bread. That’s it!

There were loads of people eating in the restaurant. Apparently, it’s been really famous since way back then, celebrities and political figures had their photographs taken with the owner and were posted on one side of the wall (as seen above). The place is really simple and always a little crowdy, but the pastrami would always bring you back.

– P


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