The City: Day 22

The highlight of my weekend was when we watched the NBA Playoffs between New York Knicks and Miami Heat in Madison Square Garden. As some of you know, the Knicks were down 0-3 games a couple of days ago. Their fourth game, which was played last Sunday, was very crucial for the Knicks. We bought the tickets way before game one started, so we were really anxious when we watched the Knicks lose consecutively in the last three games.

On the day of the game, Lisa, Jed, and I stopped by Vive La Crepe for, obviously, some crepe. It is located at Bleecker Street at West Village in Manhattan, NY. I ordered one of their savory crepe populars, and that is a crepe made out of spinach, goat cheese, mushrooms, and basil. It was so delicious! I marked it as a go-back-to restaurant.

Here are some pictures.

Taken from

After our crepes, Lisa, Jed and I headed to Madison Square Park where we bought ourselves Knicks T-shirts and got ourselves free towels. It only took a while before the game started, and the seats were all packed.

We cheered as loud as we could since it was a very tight game. The crowd was so restless–everyone was on their feet. Bibby was shooting 3 pointers and Carmelo Anthony was shooting one after another that eventually added to 41 points (the most points in the game). It was so unfortunate that one of their players, Baron Davis, got injured. His knee buckled in an unnatural way after running across the court with the ball in his hand. He had to be taken away by the stretcher but not before receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.

In Heat, Lebron James has real talent, he was barely missing any of his free throws despite the ‘boos’ and the ‘assholes’ the crowd was shouting at him. He scored the most points in Miami Heat. Wade, on the other hand was not playing as well as he did in the previous games, he risked the final seconds with a 3 point shot instead of a 2 point shot that could have given them overtime. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a good thing the ball didn’t go in. The New York Knicks won with the score 89-87. The game was so intense that my head started hurting! I was jumping and whopping with joy! It was the best basketball game I’ve ever watched.

Here are some pictures.

Go Knicks!

– P


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