Phantom of the Opera & Evita

A visit in New York wouldn’t be complete, without watching the best broadway shows in town. We watched two broadway musicals: Phantom of the Opera and Evita.

My parents watched Phantom of the Opera a long time ago and bought a CD as a souvenir. While my sisters and I were growing up, we would always sing their songs in our old Trooper. I was probably around 5 or 7 years old, and we totally loved it.

It was really amazing when my sisters and I finally got to watch the musical. I listened to their songs, and watched the musical on DVD (I can’t believe Gerard Butler could sing), but seeing it live–with all the candles rising from the floor, the boat sailing through the stage, and the phantom with his disappearing acts…it was enthralling. The props were ostentatious, the lines everyone had to sing were challenging, and it was obvious how big an effort everyone contributed for the success of the production.

It was mostly dark and gloomy with only a tinge of humor, which is why you could say that my family enjoyed watching Evita more over Phantom of the Opera.

Evita was filled with lively dancing and singing. Elena Roger, who took the role of Evita, was really from Argentina. She had a strong accent and a strong personality in her interpretation. It was unlike Madonna’s interpretation in the movie, which I believe showed a weak Eva. If I were to choose which interpretation I liked best, it would be the musical’s fierce and go-getter, Evita.

We were so lucky that the narrator of Evita was none other than, Ricky Martin. He is a very good performer, and I am so happy that I was able to see him dance and sing.

I hope I’ll be able to watch more broadway shows in the future!

– P


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