Momofuku Cookies, Hershey’s Chocolate Cake, & Spam Pop Art

A day before Lisa’s birthday, I invited my not-so-little sisters, Trina and Bela, to bake a Hershey Chocolate Cake with me for Lisa. We were lucky because Lisa needed to do some errands that morning. The minute she left, I ran to the kitchen with the recipe in hand and started grabbing the ingredients. It took us around an hour to bake the cake, and we finished in the nick of time! We were adding the finishing touches when we received a text saying that she was near the house. We cleaned the counter, the table, fixed the chairs, and acted as if we were waiting for lunch. I’m pretty sure that she caught a whiff of the chocolate scent that was still hanging in the air, nevertheless, we did do a great job at acting as if nothing happened.

Later after lunch, Lisa and Trina felt like baking, Bela felt like reading Legend (By: Marie Lu), and I felt like painting a pop art. So, that is exactly what we did.

At the end of the day, Lisa and Trina baked cookies (Inspired by momofuku) that had chocolate chips, marshmallows, and cornflakes. It’s absolutely delicious, I tell you. My diabetic parents couldn’t help but nibble on them from time to time. Bela finished reading the book, Legend. And I made a pop art painting with my subject being, Spam (Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Campbell can).

Here are pictures of what my sisters and I made.

At the top of the picture are the momofuku cookies, occupying most of the picture is the hershey’s chocolate cake with colored chocolate chips spelling ‘Maliq’ (this nickname we gave her), and at the side are little presents my sisters and I have given her. Happy 23rd, Lisa!

Steps on how I made my Spam pop art.

Step 1: Choose your subject.
Step 2: Draw your subject 4 times.
Step 3: Paint your subject.
Step 4: Appreciate the subject.

I hope you enjoyed our little baking, reading, and painting day! It was loads of fun.

– P


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