Painting a Horse

Yesterday, I felt the sudden urge to paint something–anything, for that matter. I spent the entire day reading 1Q84 (By: Haruki Murakami), playing Tetris, and eating spaghetti, that I just felt the need to write or paint something. You could say that I felt inspired and, well, bored. So, I took out a poster paper and started on the sketch. I chose to draw a horse mainly because I’ve been itching to work on it for such a long time. They are such elegant creatures.

Here it is.

After the sketch, I was a bit scared of working on it. I always think that I’m about to destroy my sketch once I start painting it, but the thing is, you never learn that way. It either comes out great, okay, or not at all good. The best way to deal with fear is to go through with it, so I grabbed my acrylic paint and started painting.

I have to say, I really felt like I ruined it. The colors were all wrong, the shapes started to look unusual, and it looked nothing but a deformed horse. The horse’s colors varied from red, pink, to orange. I was thinking of scrapping the whole thing. But I didn’t.

I repainted the horse white, and it didn’t do any good. But when I repainted it brown, I started to become more hopeful. I traced the horse with black paint to regain its lost shape, and it was suddenly starting to look like a horse. I fixed the background, made a few more dabs on the horse, and voila!

If you would look at my work up close, you might just see how thick the layers are on the horse. Ah, the proofs and wonders of trial and error!

I’m really happy it turned out well. Never lose hope.

– P


2 thoughts on “Painting a Horse

  1. 🙂 No matter how long a person’s been painting, I don’t think the trial & error ever ends—– but the act of learning is one of the best parts of doing artwork, if we let ourselves enjoy it.

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