Signs of Obsessive Twilight Disorder

You know you are obsessed with Twilight when the following symptoms occur:

  • First and foremost, you fall in love with a fictional character.
  • You can’t stop thinking and talking about the book, the characters, the author, etc.
  • You start joining in internet forums to share your love for Twilight.
  • You defend Twilight from anti-twilighters.
  • You dream about Twilight.
  • You don’t fear the sound of thunders because they’re only a bunch of vampires playing baseball.
  • You have a desire to go to Forks, Washington or Florence, Italy.
  • You have t-shirts, Bella’s bracelet, magazines, action figures that are all related to Twilight.
  • Basically you eat, sleep, and breathe Twilight.

That lists goes on and on and on. How do I know this? I once had it four years ago.

Before you unfollow me, click on a different link, press the close button, or check out a different and more interesting blog, I ask you to hear me out.

I was, no doubt, obsessed with Twilight. I was interviewed, I appeared on the newspaper, I collected 5 extra Twilight books of different covers, I kept more than 7 Twilight shirts, I gathered more than 20 magazines and newspaper clippings related to Twilight, I piled up Twilight pins, a Twilight bag, Bella’s Bracelet, a Twilight tumbler, and yes, I even have an Edward Cullen action figure.

I have joined numerous numbers of contests, I have sent Stephenie Meyer a postcard (and won a Twilight book in the process), I have participated in various events, I have worked for Twilight Coven Philippines (received premiere tickets as payment), I have written a fan fiction, I have learned Bella’s Lullaby on the piano and have memorized it by heart, and I also made Twilight-related art works.

Twilight hit me hard. Here’s some proof.

I was with my cousins, Thomas and Tammy, when we took a picture with ‘Edward’ and ‘Bela’.
Trust me. That’s not everything.

Basically, I wanted to show the world that I was Twilight’s number 1 fan. I achieved it, or at least I think I did.

Twilight is the first book I finished in a span of three days. You might think it’s nothing (3 days? Not that impressive), but back then it meant everything to me. I read and reread the book before I finally bought the sequel, New Moon.

It was my very first time to get really into a book, that I just felt that I had to be the biggest fan out there. Then you know what happens next, I attended Twilight gatherings, yadda yadda. But that’s not all what happened. I started reading more and more books. I read the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games series, the Uglies series, the Inkheart series, I read classics like Jane Eyre (my favorite classic), Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, The Secret Garden, and a whole lot more. By now, you should know that I eventually outgrew Twilight. Right now, I’m reading The Happiness Project of Gretchen Rubin, and I think I have Twilight to thank for all of that. In high school, I joined a creative writing club where I got some of my works compiled in a book. I was really proud of that. Twilight was the book that shoved me into reading and writing, and I never really thought books could change your lives until I realized that mine did.

I wonder if I would even have this blog if I decided not to read Twilight.

What book changed your life?

– P


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