Weeks of Freedom

I still have two months left before college life officially begins. For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing nothing but reading, painting, and jogging. I finished reading Haruki Murakami’s book, 1Q84, and have started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I’ve gone to my weekly dentist appointments, watched a few DVDs here and there, and read more and more books.

Here are some of the paintings I’ve made.

A week ago, I had an oral surgery. My third molars had to be removed since they were impacted. Now, I won’t share pictures of that since it’s disgusting. So, my entire week was spent at home. My cheeks were huge and I grew an unattractive double chin.  My face would have reminded you of a puffer fish or a pear. The only time I let myself out of the house was when we celebrated Father’s Day. I was really self conscious that day. I was like Violet from The Incredibles–hiding behind a curtain of hair. I dodged from every camera I saw so the world wouldn’t see my distorted face. It was a week of noodles and pajamas.

For father’s day I painted a picture of my dad, but I want to show you my edited version as well. (I just purchased Pixelmator and thought I’d give it a shot)

The next week turned out to be much better though. I was starting to look like myself and eat like myself. There’s still a small bump at the side of my face, but it’s less noticeable now compared to before. And since there is a lot of time in my hands, I decided to go work for Olivarez General Hospital. It’s the first time I worked anywhere, so I don’t really know how good I am as a worker. I made the OGH’s website, which is going to get published real soon, and I’m currently undergoing training for the hospital’s transition into a computer based system. I’ve been going to the hospital with my parents ever since the start of the week, and I’ve been trying to get used to the program and the hospital terms. There is still so much to learn! You just can’t get everything in a span of four days. It’s ridiculous. Like everything else, these things take time.

Now since I’ve been there, my parents have been giving me shots non-stop. In the last 4 months, I’ve probably received 10 shots, which includes the two shots I got this afternoon. I’ve never been fond of receiving shots. When I was younger, I turned my parents’ office upside down because I kept running away from the nurse who wanted to give me a shot. It was crazy! I would cry and go wild. But ever since my dog bit me (the wound was as small as a paper cut), I overcame my fear of injections. How? I had to be injected with anti rabies every week for 5 weeks. So, I guess you could say that my dog biting me was a blessing in disguise. My parents weren’t sure if my dog’s vaccine for anti rabies kicked in since it was given to him when he was only a puppy, so they took the necessary precautions and sent me to the hospital that night.

Other than working for the hospital, I’ve been dedicating a few hours to writing articles for online magazines. I’ve already sent two articles to two different sites. I’m still waiting for their responses. And if ever I get my work posted online, I’ll make sure to put down a link.

Wish me luck!

– P


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