Holga & St. Peter’s Basilica

Using watercolor, I painted a Holga camera and St. Peter’s Basilica. Two totally unrelated subjects, I know, but that’s what I came up with.

A few days ago, I brought my Holga camera to the hospital to take a few shots because, apparently, I haven’t taken a picture from the lomo cam since December 2009. It’s just sitting there, on my shelf, by my books, collecting dust. I really love my Holga–so much that I always postpone taking pictures to another day because I feel like I should ‘save’ it for some other time. And while I was reading, The Happiness Project, I came to realize that I should ‘spend out’. I have a lot of things I haven’t used–notebooks, paints, sketchpads, films, and clothes. All because I was ‘saving’ them in their pristine glory of being new. But I came to realize, that ‘saving’ is almost the same thing as ‘wasting’. What if I never get to use any of my new things? So, I brought my Holga camera with me and pushed myself to take pictures. I’m still on my first roll of film, but at least now I’m getting somewhere.

Here’s my painting.

Now, I wish I could say I reached some kind epiphany or some deep reflection related to St. Peter’s Basilica, but since there’s none, I can’t really give any reason as to why I painted it. I just felt like painting and found this picture in one of the travel books my parents bought. I decided to give it a shot.

Here it is!

I hope you guys liked it. I have another art project coming up for my grandfather’s birthday. I’m going to use canvas, and it’s going to be my first time working on it. Stay tuned!

– P


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