Bouquet of Tulips

Happy birthday, mommy!

For my mom’s special day, I decided to surprise her with a bouquet of tulips (on canvas, of course). Painting the bouquet was a bigger challenge compared to my past works because I’ve never used a 16x12in canvas before with watercolor as my main paint.

Here are pictures of my progress.

Once I started working on the background, I froze. I couldn’t make it appear the way I wanted it to. At first I wanted it to have this ‘patched’ look, but when I realized I couldn’t do it, I started experimenting.

I tried putting black and green together, but it ruined it–the flowers looked suitable for a funeral. So, I thought about going for a bolder and brighter color. Maybe I should turn it all red? Or yellow? Yellow got stuck with me, so with the help of one tube of yellow acrylic paint, I fixed the background.

And after adding some more dabs of color to the bouquet, a masterpiece was born. Voilà!

I’m really happy it turned out looking great. Even though I couldn’t fully get rid of the green and black, it made for a serendipitous effect.

I love you, mommy!

– P


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