Artwork & Book Sale

It’s a very happy day.

Do you know the feeling of winning the lottery? No? Well I don’t either, but I felt something close to it. Today, I decided to have a look around the mall. I came across this store called, Artwork (a local store found in the Philippines) and was instantly in love. It’s been years since I last visited the shop, and what lured me in was their colorful front display. The tops I found in Artwork were similar to the tops I’ve seen in Zara’s TRF collection. They were fun and simple! Nothing too showy, and nothing too plain. I just had to try them on.

After getting two of their printed tank tops, I went to a store called Book Sale where I was able to buy two magazines and a college survival book for reasonable prices.

For only $11.15, I was able to get all of these!

Talk about a good deal! So the next time you want to get a nice top, why don’t you head over to the local stores first before heading out to high end designer shops? Because you’ll never know, local brands could be selling the same look and the same quality for better prices.  The same goes with books, there are always stores out there selling similar books for different prices. I once bought a book for $13 when I found it a week later in another store for $1 (in great condition).

Don’t make the same mistake. Look before you buy! And as much as possible, don’t commit yourself to selected brands only, the reason why fashion is so popular these days is because you get to experiment, explore, and create new and exciting looks.

There are always great finds out there, it’s just up to you to look for them.

– P


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