Surprise Party

I have the BEST friends ever, and I will seriously miss them when I leave.

My friends surprised me with a ‘despedida’ (going away) party yesterday. Jared and I went to the mall around 2pm to finally have my Holga film developed, we got back to my house around 6pm because my dad still believes in curfews. When I went out to the garden, my friends came out of the bar and shouted SURPRISE! There were streamers, chairs, tables, food, and drinks everywhere. I couldn’t stop smiling! I didn’t have a clue! I thought about throwing a despedida party, but I didn’t know it would come to me.

After they surprised me in the garden, they told me that some of my friends were still hiding in the bathroom, waiting for me. So, I went to the bathroom, opened the door, and shouted SURPRISE. What did I see? Edward Cullen in the shower. I totally freaked out.

We spent the entire evening talking about random shiz, eating the potluck dinner, listening to music, exploring the village, playing taboo, playing Tekken, and watching TV. It was such an amazing night, and I couldn’t be happier. We all started to lose our voices at some point because we couldn’t stop laughing and shouting at Taboo (god, I love that game).

Here are some pictures.

These are some of the things they surprised me with.

The last two pictures right above are the times we explored the village and played Tekken, and the picture below is a group picture of me with my friends (Edward included, of course).

Got this picture from Claudia Tambuatco (she took it).

Thank you to everyone who came and planned for that night! I will never forget you guys! I don’t know how else I could express how grateful I am to all of you. You all have made living life happier and extremely better. I am so lucky to have been blessed with great friends. I really wish I could pack all of you in my bags. I really do.

You guys mean the world to me. I mean it. I love you, guys! :’)

– P


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