First Day At Penn State

I finally moved in.

All my bags are in, all my things are arranged, all my classes are set, and all is going really well. So far, I have met the students in my building’s first two floors, I have participated in the pep rally, I have listened to the President’s Convocation, I have attended the Multicultural Center orientation, I have attended DUS’s orientation, I have (like many others) participated in the endless crowd waves, I have signed up to different clubs and organizations in the Involvement Fair, I have tie-dyed my first t-shirt with my super awesome roommate, I have played badminton outside my dorm, I have tasted West Hall’s famous cookies, and I have attended the first day of classes. College just started and it already feels like I’ve been here for a while. There are just so many things you could do!

My professors are all pretty interesting. In Chemistry, my professor lit up different cottons and balloons–one balloon would explode with fire filling the air, another would explode with a loud boom, and another, well, didn’t really do anything. My Psychology teacher was really funny, and it’s great because his class was my last class of the day when I was especially tired from walking all over campus. I will seriously get some leg muscles.

Here are some pictures.

I feel at home here, and it’s probably because it’s so amazingly easy to talk to other people. In the Philippines, students would walk in the classrooms and try to sit as far away as possible from other people they don’t know. Here, people would just sit down right next to you and start talking. Just like that. When I attended the DUS orientation, I was just sitting on a bench outside the building, waiting for time to pass, when a guy sat down right next to me and started talking.

That’s what I like about it here. You are never alone. I can’t wait to get involved in more things!

– P


6 thoughts on “First Day At Penn State

  1. I’m so happy for you, Patsy. Your Aunt Bibeth is right … keep writing so we’ll know. Remember, we’re just a blog or a text away. Go, go, go!

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