Three Weeks

Three weeks have passed, and I feel like I’ve been here forever.

There are so many activities, and it’s so hard to decide which one I should go to or which one I should ignore. Two weeks ago, Carly and I went to the Eisenhower Auditorium where we were able to score discounted tickets to four shows–Pilobolus Dance Theatre, The Great Mountain, Tap Dogs, and The Addams Family. I am really looking forward to it!

In the auditorium, they gave away free food, drinks, bags, frisbees, and caricatures. Carly and I decided to get a caricature, and this is what we got.

Here’s a picture of the gathering in the auditorium (we’re on the stage by the way).

Then last last friday, Carly and I went to see the movie, Snow White and the Huntsmen, and on our way there, we passed a small concert and decided to take a picture.

The day after that, we volunteered for FreshSTART where we were placed in different groups. I went to St. Andrew’s pre-school where I worked mostly outdoors. I raked leaves, took out the weeds, and carried stuff to the dumpster. It was tiring, but very rewarding. I was able to meet a few people, and was able to go out with them later that evening for some thai food.

The following day, I went to church then met up with my friend Elizabeth (partner in crime in gardening) and went to the Nittany Mall with her other friend Megan who needed to buy a business attire for last week’s Career Fair. The mall was pretty small, but I was able to score some black combat boots from Pacsun.

Last wednesday, Carly and I went to Alliance Christian Fellowship’s Freshmen Dinner, and just recently, to ACF’s Sunday worship. Here’s a picture of the dinner.

And last friday, Carly and I went to the HUB for the weekly arts and crafts and made fleece tie pillows.

Carly and I spent our saturday in the mall, and our sunday swimming in the white building. I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for the next couple of days! There are so many things you could do in college, but don’t worry, I’m still keeping up with my studies.

– P


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