Homecoming Day of Service

Last Saturday, Carly and I went to Penn State’s Homecoming Day of Service. In this event, we were separated into two worksites. Carly headed off to the arboretum, while I went somewhere off campus to clean THON cans.

The steps you have to go through to clean a can are as follows:

  1. Peel the can’s outer layer, so that you may obtain a silver sparkling can.
  2. Wash the can using a brush inside and out with soap and water.
  3. Rinse the can.
  4. Dry the can with towels.
  5. Give it to those who collect the cans.

I worked in two stations that day, I peeled the cans and dried them up. By the end of the day, we’ve managed to clean more than 2,400 cans.

Here are some pictures.

See the mountain of cans at the back?

After a hard day’s work, Carly and I headed over to the HUB to do the weekly arts and crafts.

I can’t wait to share my next adventure!

– P


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