Camera Hunt

After days of mulling over different cameras, I have decided. I ordered a Polaroid Z2300 camera from Photojojo, a super awesome camera shop that I highly recommend to anybody who loves photography. Photojojo has a very fun personality (yes, shops have personalities). The people behind their customer service are like your best friends, and the items that they sell are for those photo-loving people who like spicing up their pictures. I love the way they describe their products, the way they thank you for buying from their shop, the way they give inspiring stories of different photographers, and the way they give you DIY ideas.

I wanted to work in Photojojo 2 years ago when I was only 16. I’m 18 years old now, and I still haven’t plucked up the courage to apply. It’s still a dream job of mine, and maybe when I’m comfortable with the workload in college, I might give it a shot.

For my camera hunt, I eyed a lot of film cameras. I know most people have been lured by DLSR cameras and cool digital cameras that could do really spiffy things. I know they want everything to look picture perfect, and I do too… but sometimes I just want to be daring. I want to take risks when I’m taking pictures, and when I talk about risks, I mean risks in having the pictures come out different. I want to see the world in a whole different way, and that’s why I was suddenly enticed by lomography. Lomography, for me, brought back the excitement in taking pictures. Seeing the world through a Fisheye, a Holga, a Diana, a La Sardina, and a Polaroid is just fascinating.

Here are my two trusty cameras: Holga and Fisheye (Unfortunately, Fisheye got lost in New York [sad face]), and my contestants for America’s Next Top Model Camera.

Contestant # 1 is Lomo LCA+, Contestant # 2 is Polaroid Z2300, and Contestant # 3 is Polaroid Z340. Now out of the three cameras, Lomo LCA+ is the only non-digital camera. I was really sad about that because if it weren’t for that fact, I would choose Lomo LCA+ over the two polaroids. The Lomo LCA+ captures photos that are just extraordinary. It gives off this vignette and saturated effect that enhances pictures wonderfully.

I need to get a digital camera because I want to take a lot of pictures, but I still want to have the option of having prints made other than having them uploaded on the internet all the time. To fix that dilemma, I settled for cameras that could do both. Polaroid has been making prints instantly for 75 years now, and not only can you make prints, but you can also have them saved in a memory card that could be uploaded into a computer. Ain’t that sweet?

So, Z2300 and Z340 was a tight match. What I like about Z2300 is that you can bring it anywhere. It’s obviously smaller than Z340 and it could print, take pictures, videos, and has different effects. The paper prints are much cheaper with Z2300, but smaller than Z340’s. The battery life is good, and for both polaroids, it makes use of this Zink technology (zero ink) wherein you wouldn’t have to buy ink cartridges. Apparently there are chemicals in the paper that react to heat, and thus changes the paper’s colors. Pretty spiffy, right? Anyway, I like Z340 because of its “look”. I love how it looks similar to its past polaroid brothers with its bulky built and the 3×4 paper that prints out. There are 14 megapixels in this camera, 4 more than Z2300’s 10 megapixels. There are more effects in the Z340 such as fisheye (I was totally thrilled about that one)…although what turned me off was its poor battery. After 20 prints or 75 shots, the camera will die, and as much as I love how it looks with its bulkiness, let’s face it, it’s bulky. I don’t want it to weigh me down when I’m going out, and having space in my bag is just heavenly.

So after a long and brutal internal debate, I felt that Z2300’s pros outweighed Z340… ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you, Polaroid Z2300, America’s Next Top Camera!

Thank you Photojojo for your remarkable service. ‘Til next time.

– P


9 thoughts on “Camera Hunt

  1. Gosh, Pat … this is a very detailed explanation on how you ended up with this Polaroid camera. You are a very good “technical” writer.

      1. I am! But I am studying in the US for college, so it was very convenient for me to order it online. However, I believe they ship internationally 🙂

  2. how “bulky” is the z340 exactly? Like disturbingly bulky? If I don’t intend to bring it everyday will its bulkiness still be a problem?

    1. Well, its thickness is a little more than an inch big, but I don’t find it to be disturbingly bulky. So, far I haven’t found its bulkiness to be a problem. It’s definitely thicker than the average digital cam though that’s for sure. 😉

  3. Hey! So i have the z2300 and i am having a problem charging it. when i plug it in it says it’s charging and has a full battery, but once i unplug it, the battery is all gone, did that ever happen to you?

    1. Hey! I’m sorry, but I never encountered that problem. I wish I know more about it… You could always try contacting the store you purchased the camera from? 🙂

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