Happy Halloween!

Last wednesday, Carly and I celebrated halloween by going to the Rocky Horror Film. If you read “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” it’s the play Charlie and his friends reenacted. We tossed confetti, squirted water guns, rattled toys, swayed glow sticks, and threw toast. It’s an interactive movie experience, so whenever it’s raining, we squirt water guns. When they say  a certain name or a certain line, we shout back a certain curse, and when it’s time for the time warp, everyone stands up and dances.

It isn’t halloween without pumpkin carving. It was my very first time to carve a pumpkin, so Carly taught me how to do it.

Here are some pictures.

Carly carved the headless horseman for her pumpkin.

For my chemistry class, our professor decided to perform demos instead of giving a lecture on halloween. She set her TA’s hands on fire, she lit balloons, she made explosions, and she burned a couple of more stuff. Click here to see a video of a thermite explosion in the class.

For my last class of the day, my psychology teacher decided to go to class wearing a gorilla suit. He’s my favorite teacher so far. He makes everything sound so appealing from neurons and lobes of the brain to little Albert and sleeping habits. He always has something interesting to say in his examples, he goes beyond what we need to know and teaches us hilarious backgrounds of different psychologists. He knows how to make the class laugh and knows how to make the class think. Psychology 100 is a class I always look forward to, if only there were more teachers like him.

Happy Halloween!

– P


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