Things To Look Forward To

I cannot contain my excitement. Next year is going to be fantastic; I could feel it in my veins. Here is a list of things I’m looking forward to for the remaining days of the year and year 2013.

  1. Going back to the Philippines to spend Christmas with my family and friends
  2. Having my braces removed
  3. Going to Bali, Indonesia to spend the New Year
  4. Watching the free concert of Imagine Dragons in Penn State
  5. Going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during the Spring Break
  6. Watching The Host movie
  7. Going to the Spring Retreat with Alliance Christian Fellowship
  8. Going back to the Philippines to spend my summer vacation
  9. Going to my old High School to make a Lion Scout High School Visit
  10. Going back to Penn State as a Sophomore
  11. Reading the fourth installment to Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series

Somewhere in between all that, I will be turning 19 years old. It’s going to be a good year. I find it so hard to believe that I just graduated from high school earlier this year. I can’t be more grateful to be where I am today. Looking back, I realize how silly it was of me to be scared to go to college in the US, when in fact, there is nothing to fear at all. I’m glad I didn’t give in to my fears because, now, I feel stronger.


Last week, I spent my friday night with Alliance Christian Fellowship’s semi-formal dessert banquet. Let me share some pictures with you!

Carly, Me, Luba, Joshua, Ashley, Chris, and Jake
Bible Study Group

The desserts were just heavenly. The theme of the banquet was Disney, and we had games like family feud and finish the song lyrics game. Everybody in ACF was great and welcoming even though Carly and I rarely went to their previous events. They all introduced themselves and made conversations, which made me want to introduce myself and talk to other people. I think it’s absolutely great that their awesomeness is rubbing off on me. I can’t wait to attend their other socials. ACF is a family I really want to be a part of.

– P


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