Bali: Day 2

For our second day in Bali, my family went to the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary where we came across temples and monkeys everywhere. Tourists were allowed to feed the monkeys with rambutan fruits and bananas; my sister, Lisa, held a rambutan, and it only took a second before the monkey was climbing up her arm. Other tourists were able to have pictures taken with the monkeys over their shoulders and on their heads. One tourist accidentally stepped on a monkey’s tail, and the monkey got mad and attacked him. The tourist looked at the monkey, exasperated, and said, “I said I was sorry!” It was pretty amusing. The monkeys there were not caged–they sat down on the walkways, they walked everywhere, and swung around the trees. At first we were pretty scared of going in the sanctuary, but it isn’t as bad as we thought. The monkeys wouldn’t harm you unless you harmed them.

After the Monkey Sanctuary, my family went through the little boutiques around Ubud, where we were able to score really nice dresses, interesting instruments (coconut kalimba), handmade baskets, Balinese Batik bags, and hand-painted wooden artifacts. Later in the afternoon, we were able to go to a galleria where I was able to taste my first donut from J. Co, a donut shop that originated from Indonesia that is now the fastest growing donut and coffee chain in South East Asia.

Here are some pictures!

Mother and Child
My cousin, Tia, me, and the monkey.
Monkey Sanctuary
Monkeys on our path
My sisters: Bela and Lisa (shopping)
Coconut Kalimba
Tasting J. Co’s donuts for the very first time
Can’t get enough of Indonesian food

We planned on riding an elephant, but the number of tourists and the strong rain just didn’t allow it. Oh well. At least we were able to see the monkeys. I can’t wait to go swimming tomorrow!

– P


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