Painting My Sister

It was Trina’s birthday on June 3, and I decided to make her a painting on a 12x18in canvas. It was my first time to use oil paint, and boy… it’s so different from acrylic. Oil paint completely dries up after a week. This is good if you are a slow painter. You can easily mix colors and take your time. With acrylic, however,  you have to paint fast. It dries up quickly and doesn’t give you much time to mix. Both are wonderful with each having its own pros and cons! I usually have an easier time correcting with acrylic than with oil. Who would have thought that different paints have different personalities?

Here are pictures of my work in progress.

After painting the background red, I let it dry for a week and painted the aztec pattern on the back. I didn’t want to make the mistake of smudging the paint everywhere, so I decided that a quick-drying paint, such as acrylic, will do the job.

Here is the final painting! Voilà!

I hope you liked it!

– P


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