A New Brain: A Musical Comedy

Last Saturday, my friend, Mia, and I went to Ateneo De Manila to watch our friend, Franco, perform in a musical comedy called, A New Brain. He played the role of Richard, a nice, caring, and slightly inappropriate nurse who took care of Gordon, a songwriter who needed a new brain because of a disease. And as always, Franco was AH-MAZING!

Me, Franco, and Mia

Franco and I used to be classmates in high school, and I remember how we instantly became good friends in the first day of Junior year when we both played Super Ninja. I also vividly remember one English class when we had to perform a monologue of any greek god or goddess, and Franco totally rocked it when he played Hades. He was hilarious and a natural. Obviously, he won the best actor award.

He performed in a couple of our school musicals, and I’m not bluffing when I say that his parts are always my favorite parts of the show. He brings so much life and energy on stage! There is never a dull moment with him — whether it’s on or off stage. I  have no doubt that he will make it far one day.

Here are a few pictures I took from “A New Brain.”

Richard, the nurse, giving Gordon a ‘bath’

Franco, I look forward to seeing you on Broadway!

– P


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