Color Run @ Penn State

The Color Run is the first 5k fun run I ever went on, and I am so glad that I participated in it. The event happened on September 29 around the Penn State campus for Homecoming (this is a very late post, I know). Β 

I ran with my roommate, Carly, and we were so lucky to be the people right in front of the starting line. And in case any of you didn’t know, the color run is a 5k fun run where powdered color is thrown at you while you run/jog/walk/crawl/cartwheel your way towards the finish line. It’s not a run where you are timed and competing against everyone else; it’s just a run you could have fun with (and that is exactly what we did).

Before and after pictures!

Do I have color in my teeth? Why yes, yes I do.

Roommate’s rockin’ it out!

And for the finale, we all gather up as a crowd and throw our color packets in the air! (It’s the very first picture on this post) Oh and a fun fact: The color run mascot is a unicorn (isn’t that amazing?)

On our way back, we passed the blue station, and I couldn’t resist rolling in the powder and making color angels.

I hope you guys would have a colorful weekend! (I wonder if they would have let me and my roommate in a restaurant.)

– P


4 thoughts on “Color Run @ Penn State

    1. That’s awesome! πŸ˜€ They should make more runs like these. Haha! My sister once joined a Zombie fun run where they had zombies going after them. HAHA!

  1. I am doing the color run in 2 weeks! I guess we get it late… I am excited and nervous, I am not much of a runner… πŸ™‚ Whatever! I am excited and I now I will have fun!

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