Color Manila Run

Color Manila Run was my third 5k fun run and my second color run. I never thought I’d find this run in Manila! You can only imagine how psyched I was! I was a bubble of energy at 6am, which is surprising because I’m not really much of a morning person.

My sisters and I left the house when the sky was still inky black and arrived at the Bonifacio Global City when dawn was breaking. It was comfortably cool when we met up with Jared before the run.

Here are before and after pictures!

Trina, Bela, Jared, and yours truly
With my colorful sisters
With colorful Jared

Compared to The Color Run I did at Penn State, Color Manila Run was cheaper ($15 less) and had a lot more photo services to offer. While I was running, I probably came across 10 or more photographers on the street… and near the Color Manila stage, there were a lot of photo booths you and your friends could go to (the lines were insanely long though).

Fact: Filipinos loooove taking pictures. You would see bunches of groups posing in front of the photographers while the rest were running (and some photobombing).

I was scrolling through the pictures posted on the Color Manila Facebook page and found more than a thousand pictures posted. I even found myself in some of them!

I don’t know why I was looking at my hand

Color Manila Run was also kind enough to have a bag storage area, which I remember The Color Run lacked. The Color Run in Penn State though was kind enough to set the event much later in the afternoon at 4pm when I was truly awake. Nevertheless, both were awesome and totally different experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Even though I got a few bruises and cuts from rolling on colorful ground, I sure hope I get to participate in more colorful runs in the future! Start the year right with some blast of color!

Happy 2014!

– P


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