Flyer Designs

Last semester, I participated in various fundraising events.

My Sociology teacher, Sam Richards, asked a class of 700 to raise funds for Haiti as a group project. We were separated into groups of 15, and I volunteered to make the flyer!

Here is my before and after flyer design:

Later in the semester, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. The Penn State Filipino Association decided to plan a Philippine Benefit Show to help the victims. Again, I volunteered to make the flyer.

Before and after:

They were both successful events! I learned how to dance a little hip-hop, and I clapped bamboo sticks in the Tinikling dance.

Other than that, I also went to my first canning weekend trip with the Filipino Association where we stood at intersections and held out cans to whomever might want to donate a few bucks to fight against pediatric cancer (THON). It was my first time to do it and I believe I got around $200+ for that one weekend. (No flyers needed this time.) It was a great bonding experience. We had bonfire, s’mores, and great company.

Overall, it was really encouraging to see my work printed out and distributed especially when it was going to a good cause. I usually only post my works online, and having the flyers everywhere was pretty new to me. It was a great feeling!

The TA presented my flyer in front of a class of 700. I sat in front, so it’s a little hard to believe that there were 700 students. Trust me though, it’s a HUGE room (Look at the size of the screen).

– P


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