Throwing a Cultural Show

My friend, Mike, and I had the privilege of becoming the co-cultural directors of Penn State Filipino Association (SY 2013-2014). We were in charge of the cultural segments, the Filipino language classes, the THON auditions, the holiday Parol-making social (Christmas lanterns), the Pinoy Talks, and the Barrio Fiesta (our biggest and most important job throughout the school year).

Penn State Filipino Association
Choreographer for the first time!

Barrio Fiesta showcases the culture of the Philippines through traditional dances, modern dances, musical performances, and skits. This year’s theme was “Pokemon: Barrio Version.” We dove into our childhood game and explored the different regions of the Philippines while we were on our quest to become the best pokemon trainer (LOL)! Almost all of our acts were performed by members of the Penn State Filipino Association (we had The Coda Conduct, an a cappella group, perform a couple of songs). Here is our promo video:

A lot of work went into this one day. We had to get people in dances, we needed people to choreograph, make videos,  move the props, fix the lighting… We had practices every weekend during the Spring semester (I probably bought more donuts than the local police department). We had more than 10 dances and more than 10 skits. We spent a lot of time buying materials, making props (cheers to Mike for making awesome costumes), making scripts, posters…and let’s just say I’m really glad that it’s finally over (as you can see, I now have time to blog).

I was able to make fliers, posters, programs, and banners for this event.

Made a pokemon ball out of my fliers!

I could not have done it without all of PSFA, the executive board, and Mike.

PSFA Forever
Executive Board
Presenting the co-cultural directors: Patsy and Mike, partners in crime

Oh and thanks to our good friend, Al, we were able to make the game come alive on the screen (like seriously). Here’s a photo:

Awesome graphics
I’m the second person from the right!

Oh and of course we couldn’t let the audience go without their very own pokemon, so we placed pokemon cards under the seat of every chair as a little surprise.

Hope you enjoyed this snapshot of the show! If you want to see pictures from our weekly practices, click here.

– P


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