Dad’s Birthday Dinner at Casa Roces

Three years ago, a house owned by the Roces family turned into a restaurant. The house was built around 1941 and it can be found near the Malacañan Palace, the president’s residence. My dad heard about the place from a friend and wanted to try out their Spanish-Filipino cuisine for his birthday. We left the restaurant with happy bellies.

While waiting for the food, the staff gave my family a tour around the house. They turned bedrooms into function rooms where people could host meetings or even propose marriages. They also showcased paintings that were up for sale. One painting hanging up there was by Juan Luna, an artist famous for his painting, Spolarium.

Then the best part came: FOOD! Let the pictures do the talking!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Thanks for always believing in me and for supporting me in whatever I’m doing whether it’s in painting, playing tennis, photography, or school. You’re super awesome and I wouldn’t have you any other way!

Lots of love,

– P


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