Pencil to Trackpad Art – Walter

One of the best things about a semester ending is that I get free time to draw and play around with Pixelmator (graphic editor for Mac OS X). Now, I haven’t done much art since my elephant painting because I had more workload this spring semester compared to any semester I’ve had in college. Praise God though because I also performed my best this semester!

Anyway, enough about school. I decided to draw Walter! He’s a guy I’ve been dating for 2 months now. He’s pretty great! We first met in our church group at Penn State where he lied to me about his year. I’ll never forget. Lol. Liar liar pants on fire. All kidding aside, he’s definitely been a real blessing to me in the past couple of months. One night, I had to pull an all nighter and he surprised me with a delivery of two boxes of Insomnia Cookies…and this was before we started dating. From that moment on, I knew that he was a keeper. He’s real sweet and a little bit crazy, but I like him. Haha!

For this art work, I intended to draw and paint Walter using watercolor paint. As a watercolor newbie, I knew that my chances of messing up was pretty up there. I didn’t want my work to go to waste, however, so I took some pictures of my pencil drawing through my iPhone so I could salvage what I can and work on it somewhere else. Here’s what happened:

You could see how rusty I was in drawing.
Yay for improvements!

I was not pleased with the watercolor results, so I took my iPhone photos and worked on them with Pixelmator. All of the editing was accomplished through the use of my laptop’s trackpad accompanied by fierce concentration.

Hope you liked it!

– P


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