Bookbinding Class

For funsies, my roommate and I decided to take up a Bookbinding Class! We learned how to make different styles of books that we could sketch in, write in, store photos in, make lists in, etc. We had a four-week session where we created a variety of accordion and Japanese stab binding books, an open spine book, and the traditional hard cover.

Here are some pictures.

In 4 meetings, I was able to make a total of 8 books. If I find time to make more of them, I would. Making books is a lot easier than you think; it’s just really time consuming. Maybe when I get better at it, I could make a tutorial. Who knows? 🙂

– P


10 thoughts on “Bookbinding Class

    1. Same here! The moment I saw a bookbinding class open up, I took it right away. I can’t resist stationeries! There’s just something about papers and journals that pulls me in. You should try it out! 😀

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